Terms & Conditions

The guarantee shall not apply when:

The product has been soiled or stained in any way.

The product has been damaged accidently after delivery.

The product has been used commercially or has been misused in any way.

The mattress has been bent or folded in such a way as to cause damage to spring sets.


Additional Information:

All reasonable efforts will be made to match fabrics and colours where an item is repaired or replaced, however a match cannot be guaranteed.

Where the repair or replacement of a bed is not possible we will offer you the opportunity to choose an alternative product. If you select a product which is more expensive than the nearest equivalent you will need to pay the difference.

 It is the responsibility of the retailer which originally sold the items to arrange at-home product Inspections in line with the retailers own terms and conditions of sale.

The guarantee is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase may be required.

The guarantee only applies within our usual delivery areas within the mainland UK and EU.

Your Statutory Rights are not affected.

We will always honour your statutory rights.